My smile is but a mask. It hides the mess I truly am. 

It’s currently 3:14 AM and I can’t help but notice what has been on my mind this entire last hour. I’ve begun to realize that every morning when I wake up, I have been asking myself “What will go wrong today?”. Now, I don’t know about you all, but I think that’s quite a terrible thing to think. It goes to show how negative I am and how little I believe that I can have a simple, decent day. I somehow wake up and by default, expect someone or something to upset me. If I ever want to boost my confidence or find any kind of happiness in myself, I need to find a way to vary that question. I need to be able to wake up and ask myself “What can I do to make today better than yesterday?”. If I don’t believe something good is going to ever happen, I will never be happy. I can’t expect things to be handed to me. I need to work towards happiness, it won’t simply be handed to me by waiting around. I hope I figure things out soon.. 


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