Here is to the first of many

My name is Cody Moreland and I am 22. I was born and raised in Springfield, IL and a small town right outside there known As Chatham, IL. After 20 years of my life, I made a life changing decision to move here to Cape Girardeau, MO and attend Southeast Missouri State University, also known as SEMO. To this day, that has proven to be both the best and worst decision I may have made in my lifetime, but I am making the best of what I currently have and can acquire. That is a story for another day.

This is a picture of me from approximately a week ago. I am extremely self conscious and am often seeing 10 negative things about myself for every 1 good thing I see. Surprisingly, I like this picture of myself and I believe every blogger should have a face for his or her followers to put with the name. I come off as a very laid back person and I tend to be seen smiling a lot, it just is how I am. It is probably hard to believe that I am shy to an extent that most people wouldn’t believe and am often known for avoiding social events because I would rather shroud myself in a veil of social anxiety that I carry each and every day. My outer shell is hard to penetrate and it is rare that I open up and am comfortable around someone. If you feel like I have ever let you in my life and opened up to you, just known that means you mean a lot to me as a friend a person. I made this blog because I love to talk but clearly lack the personality to do it in person. Inside my hard shell, is a guy full of so much emotional and mental activity, you would probably never believe it. I think every second of the day and most of it is spent over thinking about the smaller things, but I can’t seem to change that very easily. I hope to use my blog to gather a community of followers who I can spoil with my wide variety of music choices, because I LOVE music, my nerdy love for video games and things of that nature, and also let my mind and emotions flow out through text posts on occasion. Happy Monday to all and have a good day. I’ll be back to post again soon.